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I've always been kindergarden, elementary school and later in the Highschool. I was never the best pupil but always the best humorist, dancer, comic and actor and above all the best singer. I remember that I always wanted to be in the centre and indeed it was the case! Maybe because of my bad marks or because I was always foolish and fidgety in class. But everything has its reason of being...and so that boy who only disturbed and fooled around, for whom his teachers didn't see any future and who went from one school to the other, transformed into one of the most internationally sucessful artists of Costa Rica in the "Show Business", the "world of entertainment" with performances in the most esteemed clubs and hotels, among many others in Holland, Luxemburg, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Africa, Miami, Los Angeles, Curaçao, Columbia, Aruba, Greece.

He also had world-famous personalities as guests in his show like the greatest football-player of all times, Diego Armando Maradona or the living soul legend Lionel Richie or the ex-president of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton. Furthermore the unforgettable band "Earth Wind & Fire" or the British rock band "Deep Purple", the controversial German football worldstar Lothar Matthäus, the tennis stars Arancha Sanchez, , Conchita Martines Jeniffer Capriatti and Kim Cljsters as well as the north american thief and actor Coolio for mentioning just a few.

Jerry has been living in Germany for seven years, since then his residence. He works for the hotel chain "Sheraton" in Munich and in other european cities as well as for the German hotel chain "Maritim". His show is so original that the key to his enormous and incomparable sucess is perhaps to be found there.

Here the presentation of Jerry: Jerry sings all rhythms and styles, R&B, Soul, Salsa, Merengue, Rock&Roll, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae as well as a great variety of yesterday's and today's hits of artists like Barry White, Kool & the Gang, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elvis Crespo, Hector Iavoe and many more. His performance as a "soloist" with different musical styles is overall: the fact that he doesn't depend on any instrument gives him the opportunity and the great advantage to sing, to dance and to communicate directly with his audience. This gives his show that magical air which is so much missing in the North of Europe, in simple words: communication.

Jerry is a Dj, too, so the party goes on also during the break of his show because he doesn't allow even a single moment that the excellent atmosphere gets lost. For seven years Jerry has been interested in magic, so that he said to himself "Hey, this would fit perfectly in my show..." Said and done: he began to learn conjuring tricks and the art of illusion. With that he opened a new world of entertainment never seen before in the clubs or bars of the hotels in the beautiful and powerful German Republic. In other words a singer, dancer, comic, magician and Dj in one person: Jerry Canizales. Nevertheless I have to admit that the success of my idea brought me a lot of enemies in the world of art and music in the bars and clubs because the managers of those locations didn't want to have any longer those lulling musicians who always played the same songs and who watched wistfully their watches hoping to go home soon. Those managers found with me the person they were looking for and even more. Many thanks to Hercules Tsibis, Tony Arena, Roberto Cellot and Georgios Michailidis for their belief in me.

The musicians who were my enemies, who envied me because of my art and who talked badly about me behind my back have become my friends today. They have understood that nothing is forever...Most of them incorporated in their program other muscial styles, wireless microphones and more contact to the audience. From time to time they come to see me and my show... for not saying that they come to see what's new there..."Who speaks the truth doesn't sin but he disturbs"...says my mother... as well as my father...

Roots: I come from a modest family where everybody held together, though. We are two brothers: Helmuth and I, born as Frederick Antonio Canizales Jiron. Then there are two sisters, Dorothy and Dinia; Mother Juana Jiron and Father Marco Antonio Canizales, an excellent singer and musician to whom I owe the biggest part of my success...

I began my professional career in the city of Cartago in Costa Rica at the age of 17 with the nationally known band "NECTAR" under the musical direction of Bernal Wilson and Orlando Valverde "Pata". I'm grateful to both of them for everything they taught me, for their patience and their belief in me.

In the following years I became the singer of other bands like "LA NOTA" of Herrn William Fallas . We travelled to Miami and Los Angeles for presenting ourselves in those years to the costarican colony in the United States. "Fallitas" was the man with so many relations to the audience that I had never seen before in my life. Afterwards I became also a member of the bands "LA MAFFIA" of Jorge Corrales "Chona" and Allen Alpizar, "LA SELECCION", "EXITO" and "LA EMPRESA" , who I recorded songs with like "Salsa Inglesa" or the song for the national football team "Agarrense de las manos" among many others.

In the beginning of the 1990s, for professional reasons, to have more possibilities, I moved to Curaçao which became my home for two years. There I set up a rock band with the name "STREET LIFE" who I performed every weekend with in the club of the moment "THE PUB" and in the "HARD ROCK CAFE CURACAO" . The band consisted of musicians from Holland and the island. I sang also with the band "MINI FUTURE" who originated from the island.

From there I took a huge step in my life, again because I wanted to achieve more: I went to Holland. At first it was very difficult for an evident reason which was pretty serious: the language...but I learnt to understand it and after a short time I began to sing and to develop within the dutch community. I became member of bands with Caribbean and Latin-American muscial style, for example "MASALSA", "RUMBATA" , "SIEMBRA", "GLEN WEISS Y SU ORQUESTA", "MIAMI CONEXTION","AKEDE" and "SON CARIBE" . With these bands I performed in television programmes and travelled nearly across the whole of Europe because Latin-American music is widespread throughout Europe.

In december 1996 I travelled to Columbia with a Salsa-band, the before mentioned "RUMBATA" in order to take part in the worldwide biggest "opening de la salsa": "LA FERIA DE CALI". We performed next to great artists, such as the great Combo from Puerto Rico, Rey Ruiz, the band Canela from Columbia, the band Niche and the band Guayacan. In that night we were the big surprise and discovery: the audience of more than twenty thousand Cali couldn't believe that the old continent was so much influenced by our latino rhythms. The proof for that was the report of the reputable daily newspaper in Cali "Occidente" which wrote about us the following day under the title "FROM HOLLAND DOESN'T COME ONLY CHEESE" , one among many other reports and television programmes in which we took part in Cali in that december 1996.

After a certain time I founded my own band "GERY Y LA FLACA BANDA" who I gave many concerts with in the whole of Holland. My name changed from "Gery" to "Jerry" for marketing reasons. Many thanks to all friends who I met; my biggest and most sincere respect I owe the man who always helped me and who always was a true friend: Soechiel Sharma, director and drummer of the band Masalsa, who I recorded two LPs with, "PAL BAILADOR" and "CORAZON ESPINADO" ; for these LPs I worked also as a composer. My greetings and thanks go to the biggest showman of all times there in Holland: for me he was the greatest master on stage. Today I'm very proud to have sung with him, Mister "ANDY VALENTIN" from the band Siembra...

Unexpected change: after almost three years love made me go to Germany and again I had to start right from the beginning... the language!!!!!...but this time it wasn't too difficult because I came from Holland where dutch is spoken, a germanic language. It is like speaking spanish and beginning to learn italian.I settled in Germany and now I've been working here for seven years: in the beginning I sang with different Salsa-bands, such as "GRUPO SALSON" conducted by the german musical director Gerald Deubel, "ORQUESTA FACINANTE" conducted by the puertorican drummer and singer "EDWIN RODRIGUES" and "KEY BALADA" conducted by the bulgarian pianist Antony Stanchv, also with the Soul-band "GIL MAGLO" to who I owe the help at the beginning of my career here in Germany.

Today, as said before, I am a solo singer and entertainer and I perform at private events, in night clubs, clubs and bars. During my artistic career I recorded LPs and music videos, together with many of the before mentioned bands.

At the moment I work in the recording studios "Downtown Studios" in Munich together with the german producer Gunnar Graewert with who I recorded various songs of Latin-Pop, two of them are "SU CRUELDAD" and "VOLVER A MI". I've written songs for musical heavyweights, such as JOSE CARRERAS or Edita Gruberova, one of them is "SIENTE ME", words Jerry Canizales, music and arrangement Gunnar Graewert.

My songs were arranged by uncredibly well-known composers, such as Oscar Hernandes, pianist and arranger, or Ruben Blades and RMM who had the famous name "Fania all Stars" in the past. My songs were "APARTATE NO TE QUIERO" and "ESTRELLA FUGAZ", recorded in the Skylight Studios in New York on 8 September 2000, words and music Jerry Canizales, musical arrangement "OSCAR HERNANDES", the singer is "KENDRIK" with the band Masalsa.

In the last months I got to know Steve, alias "IQ", a Hip Hop-producer with many good and new ideas. Together we started a project, "The Hip Hop Project". For more information please go to the beginning of my home page and click on "The Hip Hop Project". In this country with its 84 million inhabitants I have succeeded in appearing in the most reputable and reliable newspapers and magazines. I performed in television spots and together with the producer Wilson Ruiz in a documentary for the English television with the title "uploaded" where I perform and sing in Frankfurt.I've come to realize that the key to success lies in yourself but nobody is a prophet in his own country...If you are born for the hammer, the nails fall from heaven...



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